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Welcome to the Features Page.(:

Here, I'll have all the extra stuff that doesn't fall into the categories of any of the other pages. I'll plan to have "Outfit of the Month", "Designer Interviews", "This Month's Top Ten" (all three monthly additions), and "Contests".(: Be sure to come back monthly and look for new editions.(:  Hope you like it!

Designer Interview: AugustEdition:   xTheMallx

1: Q: What is your definition of fashion?
A:For me, fashion is a form of art that immediately expresses a person's personality when they wear it.
2: Q: What catches your eye when you go to the Market Place?
A: Good shading. I don't mind if the cutting isn't the best, but proper shading's really important to me.
3: Q: How big of a change do you think you've made from the start of your account to today?
A: A really, really big one. :|      (See designs at the end)
4: Q: If you were limited to designing only one type of clothing on GirlSense, what would you choose, and why?
A:Dresses, because they're really fun to make and there are so many different types to choose from.
5: Q: Have any inspirations?
A:Definitely! Lady Gaga really influences me, and I get a lot of inspiration from Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu fashions. I also love vintage fashion and love trends from the 70s and 80s.
6: Q: Personally, what do you think you're best at designing?
A: At the moment, I really like the make up that I've been creating.
7: Q: Aside from designing, what else do you like to do?
A:I spend a lot of time on the computer, but asides from that I love drawing and painting, reading, finding stuff at thrift stores, and doing yoga.
8: Q: Is there anything you'd like readers to know? Sales, auctions, contests, etc.?
A: I've got a boutique auction going on right now.
Want to see more from xTheMallx?
Check out her boutique, designs, outfits, and more here:  (:
Thanks for reading!
**Next month's featured designer will be FrankieAlice....make sure you check it out!
See below for pictures attached to question 3 of the interview.

Compare one of Mall's less detailed & first faces,
and her older hair,
To her breathtakingly detailed and more recent ones!
to her recent & amazing hair!

Outfit Of The Month, August;

by BlackBlend, link:
This month's Outfit is an outstanding outfit created by GS user BlackBlend. The outfit's generally well-shaded, especially the skirt and hair. accompanied by the detailed makeup, jewelry, and shoes, this outfit's a perfect 10.(:
Link to BlackBlend. -

Stay tuned for next month's outfit! :D


August. . . This Month's Top Ten.(:

This list will include ten boutiques & their designers that caught my eye this month(:
1. sockbeam ...
2. DivaLyssa ...
3. LazyOutfitters ...
4. Lagreana ...
5. LEANDRA41 ... 
                                                 6. boodles856 ...
                                                 7. fayri ...
                                                 8. doggylvr630 ... 
                                                 9. shadag1m ... 
                                                 10. peanuts757 ...

                               CONTESTS : Alice's August 2011 Katy Perry Contest.  !!

What you need to knowwww. . . . . . . .

Hey thereee, everyone. (:

i haven't had a contest at all since being back on Girlsense, and LolitaHaze & all. so i figured now would be a great time to start one. (:

Soooo, based on the title, you can obviously tell that the contest's going to be Katy Perry themed.  The contest is, to design a Katy Perry outfit of your choice, (pick one from Google images, a music video you've seen, or even an imaginative version of something you think she would wear), and design it as a Girlsense outfit. not that hard. (:

---Outfit must contain....

-top and bottom, if not a dress or romper
                                                                   -at least 3 accessories... (jewelry, bags, and OPTIONAL**** makeup)

---Deadlines & Schtuff.....

The contest will officially start (and when i say that, i mean when you can start entering and designing, blahblahblah) tomorrow and officially end on August 29th.
i won't be viewing any entries from August 10th to the 21st. i WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME ONLINE. so don't fret if i don't confirm your entry right away. ;p

1st place, 10,000.
2nd place, 5,000.

so goodluck! you can send me your entries on Girlsense, if you aren't registered with to post under the topic i've created for it. if you are registered, then please visit this topic... thanks muchhh, have fun with it. (: