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Hi there, welcome to the LoveColdAsIce/GirlSense Page.(:
My name's Alice, and I'm 'LoveColdAsIce' on GS.
I created this site as a page for updates on my personal designing news, and GirlSense topics & news.
Thanks for coming, I hope you enjoy the site.(:

-Alice B.<3

New Contest!!!!! See the bottom of the features page for more detailssss! (:

All you have to do is design an outfit actually worn by Katy Perry, or an imaginative version of something you think she would wear. it's up to you. see the bottom of the Features page where it's titled 'CONTESTS' for all the deets. :D
Enter now! Dates, rules, and all the other information you need to know is listed, as well as contact and entry stuff. :D

Breaking News! (:

Visit the LoveColdAsIce News & Updates page right now! :D

Get To Know Me.(:

LoveColdAsIce, my GirlSense face.
The Basics--
Name: Alice B. (LoveColdAsIce)
Age: 15, turning 16 this December.    

Other Stuff--
I live in Ohio, with my parents & older brother. 

Music- Pop, Rock, Indie, some Techno & Rap.
             (Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi, 3OH!3, Mumford & 
               Sons, John Mayer, BoysLikeGirls, and a
                bunch of others.
Style- Anything goes, as long as it expresses what fashion's all 

Link to my boutique- 


GirlSense, Inspire*Create*Enjoy:

Most of you visiting my site are familiar with GirlSense. Others may not be, so this is for you.

GirlSense was founded in 2006 by the creators of, StarNet Interactive, Ltd.

"The activities on GirlSense are highly interactive. Our unique E-boutiques fashion community with the Fashion Design Studio and E-boutiques Designer, gives girls the sense and feel of real design, with authentic-feeling tools and materials. Girls can create their own personal trends, express their stylistic preferences, make their own fashion statements, and display and market their fashions in their own boutiques."

Not only is GirlSense a site for you to express your own designing styles and trends, but you also have the option to view boutiques made by real-world designers. Examples are such as Saint Grace, Mudd, Bongo (mentioned in the picture to the left) and others like Tokyo Street Style, BB Dakota, and Lulu's.